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Zoom Exposure Photography and Multimedia was founded in early 2003 by veteran photographer Ryszard Mrugalski (Richard). Located in the Bank Street Village, just minutes from Ottawa's downtown core, Zoom Exposure is growing steadily with great support from local residents. 


Involvement in the community has always been of huge importance to Richard. He can often be seen standing outside his Bank Street studio talking with locals, many of whom he counts as friends. He also helped organize the Summer Fest Street Fair with other members of the New Edinburgh community when his studio was located in that area.


Once known as Spectrum Photography, Richard has operated his business, first in Toronto and now in Ottawa, since 1990. He has also had many exhibitions, including Canadian Art by Polish Artists at Toronto city hall (1992); No Exit, a collaboration with Carolyn Davis in 1998, Cocoon and most recently Photo Cocktail.


Zoom Exposure has worked with several local businesses, including Canadian International Modeling Agency (CIMA), Lawxy International Models, Golden Hands Art Studio, and Nimdo Multimedia & Design to bring you the very best services around.


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